Swimming Pool Stair Repair

In-Ground pool stair replacements can cost thousands.  Crystal Clear Pools can repair your existing steps for a fraction of the cost.  Our trained service technicians can repair cracks, blisters and bubbles then re-coat your steps to look like new.  Cracks are caused when the backfill material has settled leaving a void under the step causing the step tread to flex and ultimately crack.  We first fill the voids under each tread from under the stair without removing any concrete. This will shore up each tread leaving a firm foundation preventing the step from flexing.  We then re-coat your steps using a two-part epoxy coating designed for swimming pools and spas. This process will give you a durable problem free stair repair for many years to come.  Please see our pictures of previous repairs we have completed.  Please feel free to contact us to schedule a no hassle evaluation of your pool service needs.  We look forward to earning your business.

View photos of this process below. Please click on any image to see it larger.